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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  July 19, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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a double homicide in the north bay reportedly one of the victims is a law enforcement officer. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. that's our top stories. the two victims were found in the00 block on liberty road from a rural neighborhood outside of petaluma. we have the sad story new at noon, one of the victims was a marin county sheriff deputy.
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paul chambers has more on this breaking story. >> reporter: tori, i just got new information from the sheriff deputies. let me show you. this house is the scene where everything went down. we're told the suspect is 28- year-old thomas edwin. he held a hostage here. we're also told the sheriff deputy, he's 49 years old, we're told that mathieson was friends with people who lived inside the home, and he came out to help his friend because hallerin was the ex-boyfriend of his friend, that he was making death threats of his friend. that's when mathieson came tout to help the people. mathieson was shot -- was shot outside. we talked to a neighbor in the area who said he heard several shots before the night was
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over. >> we heard name yelling and a person was found in the driveway. >> reporter: once again, let meet explain to you. hollerin was the man who shot the deputy. he was then shot by someone else who lived inside the home. no one else was injuried. we were told he held someone hostage that lived in the house. that person got away okay. let me explain to you, once again. we have a sheriff deputy. his name is mathieson. he was friends with people who lived inside the home. he came a hire -- he came here to help his friend. her ex-boyfriend shot the deputy who then took a hostage and then hollerin was shot by someone else within the home this. is all new information --en within the home. this is all new information. back to you. >> thank you. fbi agents from san francisco to new york have
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arrested about a dozen suspected members of a notorious hacking group in 0 series of raids. this -- in a series of raids. authorities say the hackers who call themselves "anonymous" broke into government and corporate websites, including visa and master cards, prosecutors are expected to announce more specific charges today. we're learning more about the dramatic rescue in the bay t was a coast guard helicopter that rescued the female windsurfer. she had within missing all night. how did the rescue -- she had been missing all night. so how did the rescuers describe her? >> reporter: cool and calm. that's who he described her -- that's how they described her. right now we're learning more details about her harrowing ordeal. the coast guard just released
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this video of 62-year-old windsurfer kathy katan. >> she's a very gutsy latedy. she did -- lady. she did a great job. i was surprised how good of shape she was in when she got in the basket. >> reporter: her sail fell apart. >> she kind of had her arms draped over the side of the board. >> reporter: cute news reporters -- ktvu news reporters found her. >> i stabilized her and she went in the basket. >> i just told her we had been looking for her all night. she said i know. i asked her if she was okay. she said yes, i'm just ready to get home. >> reporter: we spoke to katan's husband before his wife
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was found. he says his wife has cancer and that may have lowered her zammy na. where was she? she was swept under the bridge and then popped out again this morning. she did suffer hypothermia. she was payable to go home with her husband. back to you. >> thank you, tara. friends of the missing fisherman whose boat cap sized off the -- capsized off the boat of if -- off the gulf of mexico are raising money while pressuring the coast guard to conduct a dive. she's a friend of 2001 of seven men who disappeared earlier this month after a fishing trip. the search for the men was suspended last week. east palo alto police are looking for a suspect in connection with a dead i -- with a deadly shooting of a man who had just become a new father.
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23-year-old jabari banford was shot around 8:45 last night on illinois street. police say the area is known for ack -- for high drug activity. >> that's still under investigation, whether he was targeted. >> banford's mother tells ktvu that her son had just become a new father two days ago. anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call east palo alto police. >> memorial services are planned this week for the doctor killed in the crash in the heys it valley -- hayes valley. kevin mack was on a shuttle bus when it included -- collide with a big rig last thursday on oak and octavia boulevard. a viewing will be held tonight and the funeral is tomorrow.
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the crash is still under investigation. the san francisco board of supervisors is expected to vote today on a controversial project by at&t. jade hernandez joins us live to explain what is behind the debate. i gather it's something right behind you, jade. >> reporter: that's right. this is a utility box similar to the ones in question. at&t wants boxes like these installed on private property not on public sidewalks, they say they have good reasons for the push. >> they often show up with graffiti. they are an eyesore. they are a hazard. and most important are they necessary. >> the man you heard from is from the pacific heights association. that association is one of 25 neighborhood groups opposed to the installation of more than 700 it additional utility boxes. today, the san francisco board of supervisors are expected to decide an appeal granting an environmental review of the
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impact utility boxes have on the areas. they expect a close vote this afternoon. >> we're just saying obey our laws and then do business in san francisco. don't come in here decktying the terms -- dictating the terms under which a big texas- based corporation is gonna conduct business. >> some local businesses agree. it we've contacted -- we've contacted several supervisors today. at&t did send a statement which then directly addressed utility boxes -- it didn't directly address utility boxes but it said that at&t had unprecedented community outreach, meetings with over 100 groups and elected officials. the board of supervisors meeting is scheduled for:00
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this afternoon. in -- for 2:00 this afternoon. back to you. >> thank you. president obama in morning says there has been some progress in negotiations with lawmakers over raising the nation's debt ceiling. he praised a proposal from a group of bipartisan lawmakers who say they are nearing agreement on a major plan to cut the deficit by more than $4 trillion over the coming decade. this comes as house republicans move toward a vote on legislation that would raise the debt limit in exchange for trillions of dollars in federal trillion if -- in federal it cuts. this is not likely to pass in the democratic-controlled senate. ahead, this is what happened when would-be robbers in town encountered a chihuahua. we're still hoping the bay area will warm up. rosemary will let us know in the forecast. this is about as humble as i've been in my life.
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>> a protesters causes -- a protesters causes a ruckus while rupert murdoch is being grilled.
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drives on the san mateo county coast will have to wait a little longer to use the devil's slide bypass tunnel.
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the $350 million connick struction project is more than a year -- construction project is more nan a year behind schedule and overbudget. according to caltrans, crews have encountered soil movement and that's caused extra work. caltrans had hoped to have the work completed this year but the extra work will delay the opening until the end of next year. the deslay also pushing the cause higher but caltrans is not saying by how much. the investigate is -- the investigation is underway to a home on star avenue where there was a fire. old clothes and other items fueled the flame. it damage is estimated at $100,000 -- the damage is estimated at $100,000. it's been a busy day for
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media mogul rupert murdoch and james murdoch. the younger murdoch did most of the talking. the 0-year-old murdoch said he was shocked -- the 80-year-old murdoch said he was shocked, appalled and ashamed. he denied the problem was indemmic. >> >> it's our determination to both put things right, make sure these things don't happen again and to be the company that i know we've always aspired to be. >> i would just like to see once sentence -- this is the most humbled day of my life. >> toward the end of their testimony -- check this out, a protester created drama when he shored a plate of shaving cream into rupert mother -- shoved a plate of shaving cream in
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rupert murdoch's face. >> course i have regrets -- of course, i have pregets. this is appalling to me. >> years ago, brooks told parliament "news of the word" mayed -- paid police officers. earlier rupert said he did not know why there was never a followup investigation. san francisco's muni could get a new exective director today. the -- executive director. according to the chronic kell "ed ricin could be put in charge. that's unusual.
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-- "the chronicle" ed ricin could be put in charge. mayor quan announced the plan to help seaports educate exporters and that will boost america's growth and create jobs. >> this is a win-win for u.s. businesses, for u.s. ports and for our nation's economic health and job growth potential. >> american mayors today have to look at investments and we have to look at exports and we have to look at what we have to sell. >> reporter: the announcement was made in public -- was made in oakland because it's the only container port that exports more than it imports. space shuttle "atlantis" is marking the end of a 30-year odyssey right now as it returns to earth for the very last
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time. "atlantis" undocked from the international space station just before 11:30 last night our time and is expected back in florida. in addition to food and clothing, it delivered a flag flown during the shut -- during the first shuttle mission. "atlantis" will now join the "discovery" and the "endeavour" shuttles in retirement. san francisco's water is now bathed in ultraviolent waves that are not coming from the sun. the public utility commission is shining it huge light bulbs filled with pristine hetch hetchy water. the water will be treated before it finally flows into water fawsetts in san francisco. this -- faucets in san francisco. in is the largest treatment in san francisco and the third largest in north america. another pleasant midsummer day underway. giving you a live look at the
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city and those low clouds hanging right off the coastline. a slower burnoff than what we saw yesterday. because of it along the coast, it nay be a little bit cooler a this hour we're -- bit cooler. at this hour we're going to make up the afternoon by a few degrees. right now 63 degrees in san francisco. 61 in oakland. farther inland, already looking at 70 in areas around livermore, 73, 76 in concord san jose checking in right about 69 degrees. 70 for santa rosa. 71 in napa with mostly sunny skies at this hour. most of us will see mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. but it will take a while to clear from the coastline. you can see it right there t 4:00, 5:00, it starts to back up a little bit. and then it looks line we'll be mostly clear. the -- like we'll be mostly clear. and the cloud cover not to be as extended as what we saw
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today. i don't know if you can see this here but it's a trough hanging right over the coastline. it's still there. in any case, high pressure that's been baking mid america is gonna slide our way. we're looking at a slight warm up today. wednesday, thursday, our temperatures are really gonna soar. we'll actually see seasonal temperatures for the afternoon. today, not bad at all. low 80s. sonoma look at 80. 4 in concord. 83 walnut creek. east bay locations, low 7 ors -- 70s for the afternoon. 81 in san jose and then along the coastline, widespread low 60s. 68 san francisco this afternoon. 72 in san bruno. so temperatures inching a little bit from yesterday for our afternoon especially our valley spots. by wednesday, thursday, upper 80s, we're talking about upper 80s and low 90s will be the
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usual for wednesday, thursday. notice it doesn't last long, into the weekend. and we're back in the 80s for saturday and sunday. so overall, been very, very pleasant. especially for our valley locations. not a huge spike in store but we'll be warming up. >> very different from the midwest. >> right. >> really dangerous weather conditions. >> and we're beginning to get a little bit of that heat but it won't last too long. the c-section rate in the united states is at an all-time high. that's according to a nut report out from health grades. it tase between 2002 and 2009, the cesarean section rate rose from 27% to 34%. some of the reasons include convenience times for the doctor and the mother, women giving birth later in life, which increases the risk of complications and health issues.
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florida, new jersey and texas had the highest rates. utah, wisconsin and colorado had the lowest. a small dog in southern california is credited with chasing away two men who tried to rob his owners' smoke shop. >> the robbery happened about two weeks ago. in the surveillance video, you can see two men and the storeowner started to put money in the men's backpack but then paca, the chihuahua, took over and chased the men out of the store. >> he was a rescue dog. everybody rescue a dog from the pound. you never know when you will need him. >> the thieves did get away with $200 and have not been caught. a bald eagle is alive thanks to an oregon veterinarian. the eagle was hit by a car last week and while he was in surgery, patriot stopped breathing. the vet jumped into action and
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the vet says it's unlikely patriot will fly again but he might be strong enough to live at a wild bird center in a few months. ahead, betty white eight answer for the u.s. ma -- betty white eight answer for the u.s. marin who asked her on a date.
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some good earning from ibm
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and coke lifting stocks today. also investors ready for another blowout quarter from apple. they will be doing their quarterly results after the close. right now, the dow is up 210. nasdaq is up 61. s&p up 21. mortgage industry employees are still signing documents they've not read and using fake signatures according to a new report. that comes eight months after mortgage lenders promised to stop the illegal practices that became mown as -- became known as robo stein -- if signing. practices -- these practices are what caused a nationwide stop in home foreclosures last year. worders bookstores, the remaining stores, could -- borders bookstores, the remaining stores, could begin to close next week. right now, worders has 11,000 employees who will all be out of work when the proceedings wind down.
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borders filed for bankruptcy last february. the nfl's four-month lockout may soon be over. today, lawyers for the nfl players and owners are scheduled to meet again with a federal mediator in new york city. the two sides reportedly made real progress on the bargaining table. several reports indicate a deal could be announced when -- within the next 24 hours. a followup on a story we reported at noon. a u.s. marin will not be -- marine will not be taking betty it light to his ball. sergeant took -- the sergeant made this youtube. white says she's flattered but she just can't go because she will be busy taping an episode of "hot in cleveland." there are new twists in turns in the death of two people in petaluma, including one sheriff's deputy. patti lee is working on the story right now. what she's learning about what went on inside the house a few
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harrowing moments before shots were fired. and the new city that's joining in the movement to ban plastic bags. that city is berkeley. tonight we'll tell you what took berkeley so long to jump on the bandwagon. those stories and more coming up at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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